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Diesel Injector Installation

Diesel Injector Installation Tips To Prevent Premature Failure

When fitting diesel injectors it is critical to ensure the injector sealing area at the cylinder head is free of contamination.

Contaminated injector seats can lead to:

1. Engine compression leaks.

2. More importantly, carbon residue on the sealing seat of the cylinder head can act as a thermal insulator leading to over heating and premature diesel injector failure.

3. Insufficient combustion thermal transfer from the injector nozzle can lead to premature diesel injector failure and possibly engine mechanical failure.

To highlight, below we have provided two injectors which have been removed from an operating engine environment.

This injector (left) has been removed from an engine correctly maintained that had operated for 300,000kms.

The condition of the bright copper sealing washer enables correct combustion, transfers heat from the nozzle and is virtually free of any contaminants.

The injector (right) has been removed from an engine which had operated for less than 1,000kms and a replacement set of injectors needed to be installed.

The condition of the copper washer is loaded with contaminants and caused premature injector failure as a result of this situation.