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Engine Management Tech Tips

Engine Management

Diesel Injector Installation

Diesel Injector Installation Tips To Prevent Premature Failure. When fitting diesel injectors it is critical to ensure the injector sealing area at the cylinder head is free of contamination. ...Read More

Holden Astra Misfire Faults

Some of the causes and fault finding procedures in diagnosing combustion misfires. Engine misfires and associated fault codes stored in the ECU memory can be a result of many electrical and or mechanical malfunctions. ...Read More

Holden HFV6 Timing Chain Stretch

Excessive timing chain wear ultimately resulting in timing chain link elongation can cause the Malfunction Indicator Lamp Check Engine Light (MIL) to illuminate ...Read More

The Importance of Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors are vitally important and highly misunderstood. They are pivotal for providing feedback to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to trim fuel supply to the engine ...Read More

Mazda Tribute Ford Escape V6 Common Problems

As this model has been in Australia for over 10 years, we are now getting many tech calls relating to the Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape V6. Listed within are some common problems and remedies ...Read More

Nissan Pulsar and Maxima ECU Idle Problems

Pulsar and Maxima ECU Idle Control Problems such as low idle, stalling, erratic idle and high idle. ...Read More

VW Golf Ignition Misfires

The Volkswagen 1.8L turbo engine (AGU) is used in many VW and Audi models from 1996 - 2003 including Golf, Bora, A3 and A4. This engine is known for ignition misfires. ...Read More