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New Product Bulletins

All you need to know regarding some of the most recent additions to the CoolDrive range.


Aunger Gasket Jayair A2L Vacuum Pump Burgaflex Rescue Kit Bosch ACS Systems
Ignite 5.5" Rectangular LED Worklamp/Reverse Lamp Ignite 5" & 9" Rectangular Worklamps Ignite Under Bonnet Worklamp Aunger Clamps & Bellows
Aunger Trolley Jacks Ignite Flexible Silicone Headlamp GYS 12V & 24V Booster HULK 4x4 Kinetic Rope & Hyper Soft Shackles
Bremtec Euro Line Bi-Metal Brake Disc Rotors Jaylec 10 Way Blade Fuse Boxp


GYS Diag-Startium Charger Starter Battery Support Unit Jayrad Intercooler for Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 HULK 4x4 Cooler Boxes Ignite Strapless Headlamp Torch
Aunger Low-Profile Socket Set HULK 4x4 Mini Torch HULK Professional Series DC-DC 12V/24V Chargers Jaylec Rechargeable Soldering Iron & Heatshrink Gun Kit
HULK Professional Portable Powerstation PS700 HULK Professional Sine Inverter Redarc Redvision Distribution Box Sakure Filters
Ignite Canbus Kits HULK 4x4 Toyota Smart Gauges Jaylec Relay Fuse Box GME XRS-330CTPG
PETRONAS Tutela™ Power Steering & Hydraulic Fluids PETRONAS Syntium™ Specialty Engine Oils Ignite & HULK Display Stands Ignite Laser LED Lightbar
HULK Rock Lights HULK Solar Panels Jayair A2L Refrigerant Recovery Unit Jaylec Lighter Plug
Jaylec 125pc Grommet Assortment Kit Bremtec Hydraulics Ignite Globes


Jaylec Midi and Mega Fuse Range HULK 4x4 High Powered LED Torch REDARC Solar Blankets REDARC Brake Controller Kit
Jayrad Radiators For British Classics HULK 4x4 6 Way Control Box Sakura Filters HULK 4x4 Tailgate Assist Kits
Ignite Heavy Duty Torch Range Ignite Retro Fit LED Headlight Globes Jayrad Charge Air Cooler Aunger Workshop Equipment
HULK 4x4 Midi Fuses With LED HULK 4x4 Switch Panels Jaylec Micro Fuses HULK 4x4 VSR with Voltmeter
Jaylec Blade Style Circuit Breakers REDARC PowerDock to Terminal Block Wiring Kit HULK 4x4 4 Way DC Power Adaptor Sakura Filters
Davies Craig Fans HULK 4x4 Metal Midi Fuse Bracket Jayair Refrigerant Recovery unit Ignite LED Globe Range
CPS Carsmart YELLOWJACKET ManTooth Wireless Gauge Kit Teknofibra Thermal Insulation Tridon Fan Controls & Heat Fan Resistors  
G-Four 335 Brake Fluid Jaylec MIDI Fuse Holder REDARC In-Cabin Charger Jayair Vacuum Pump
Jaylec Noise Supressor Filter Jaylec Crimping Tools HULK 4x4 Ropes & Straps HULK 4x4 Power Pack
Jayair A/C Rooftop Unit CoolDrive Racing & HULK 4X4 Camping Chairs SGF Flexible Coupling Jaylec Black Series Alternators – HiLux/LandCruiser/F-Series
Jayair Hydrogen & Tracer Gas Leak Detector


Bremtec Brakes Ratchetting Tube Nut Spanner Set HULK Jerry Cans Sakura Filters New Products Update US Radiators
Mechanix Wear Gloves Sakura Filters New Additions HULK 4X4 Exhaust Kits Jaylec Black Series Alternator - LS GM Mount
HULK Professional Series Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controller Bremtec Brakes Evolve F2S Street Edition Performance Brake Rotors Sakura Filters New Products Update Ignite IIL7100 LED Twin Head Tripod Work Light
Jayair Leak Detection Hydrogen/Nitrogen Gas AFi Diagnostic Smoke Machine AFi Walnut Blaster Tridon Sump Plugs
Redarc GoBlock Dual Battery System Project Mu High Performance Brakes GME Connect IP67 UHF CB Radio with Bluetooth and GPS Aerpro Inspection Camera
Petronas Tutela Automatic Transmission Fluids Petronas Tutela Ultra High Quality Gear and Final Drive Fluids Ark Off-Road XO Corner Steadies HULK PROFESSIONAL SERIES Smart 8-Way Switch Panel
Burgaflex Air Conditioning Hose Fittings


HULK 4x4 Sockets, Plugs, Gauges & Housings GATOR Reverse Camera - Suits Ford Transit Van 2013- HULK Professional Series Workplace Portable/Personal Vehicle First Aid Kit GATOR 5” Commercial Grade Dash Mount Display Reverse Camera Kit
Universal Brake Light Reverse Camera for Commercial Vans PETRONAS Syntium FJ 5W-30 & Syntium RN 5W-30 Sakura Filters New Additions HULK 4x4 Universal Rubber Tailgate Seal
GSL 30A Multi-Volt DC to DC Battery Charger GME RJ45 Pass-Through Adaptors Sakura Filters New Additions V2 Koyo High Pressure Radiator Caps
Bremtec Tube Nut Ratchet Spanner Aerpro Wireless Smartphone Chargers HULK Professional Series Smart 8 Switch Panel Toledo/Jayrad Engine Cooling Tools
Reverse Cameras to suit Fiat Ducato Vans HULK 4x4 Brake Upgrade Kits for Popular Models Jayrad Fan Clutch Thinkware M1D32 Motorsports Cam Pack 2020
HULK 4x4 Big Brake Upgrade Kits Sakura Filters HULK Professional Battery Chargers REDARC Battery Master Isolation Switch
New Sakura Filters


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NARVA ALS Rechargable LED Inspection Lamps REDARC Tow-Pro Elite Electric Trailer Brake Controller NARVA Explora LED Driving Light Bars Hummingbird Electronics GPS Trailer Odometer
REDARC/DEFA Battery Maintenance Chargers NARVA LED Headlamp Inserts Neutronics Legend ID 1234yf Refrigerant Analyser
GME Rugged UHF CB Radio for ATV, Quad Bikes & Tractors SAAS S-Drive Electronic Throttle Controller REDARC Tow-Pro Elite Brake Controller Diode Sakura Pre-Filter Diesel Guard Kits
ZF Lifeguard 6 Transmission Fluid Roadgear Cargo Mats & Kerb Ramp Jayrad Heaters Aunger Box-A-Rags
HULK Adventurer First Aid Kit Gator GPS Tracker Koyorad Universal Oil Coolers . GATOR GHDVR95W Front & Rear Dash Cam


1. HULK 4x4 Fender Flare Kits 2. Matson Thunderbolt Jump Starter 3. ROADGEAR Rubber Range 4. Coming soon...
5. Jayrad Coolant and Workshop Consumables 6. GSL Remote Trailer Brake Controller 7. WD-40 Multi-Purpose Lubricant 8. REDARC Tow-Pro Wiring Harness Kits
9. Thinkware Heavy Vehicle Dashcam 10. Narva L.E.D Flood Light 11. Bosch Wiper Blades 12. LED Autolamps Reading Light
13. Projecta IDC45 14. LED Autolamps Twin Assembly Combination Lamps 15. LED Autolamps Combination Lamps 16. REDARC Tow-Pro Switch Inserts
17. Dometic Cool Ice Iceboxes 18. Inter-Ject Professional Automotive Solvents 19. Lightforce Striker LED Driving Lights 20. Hella Nova R Compact LED Lamp
21. GME Heavy Duty LTE Antenna 22. HULK Rubber Step Treads 23. Projecta Lithium Jumpstarter 24. Coming Soon...
25. GME UHF CB Handheld Radios 26. Jayrad Water Pumps 27. Matson Jump Starters and Chargers 28. LED Slimline Lamps
29. Narva Performance Globes 30. RoadGear Contour Range 31. Norma Cooling System Connector Kit 32. GME Water-Activated GPS EPIRB
33. LED Strobe / Override Rotating Beacon 34. GME XRS Connect Touring and 4WD Packs 35. Thinkware F200 HD 1080P Dash Cam 36. KT 100V 125A In-Line Power Meter
37. Tesa Cloth and Fleece Tape 38. Narva LED Auto Lights 39. Narva Rechargeable LED Head Lamps 40. Jaylec Fuse Assortment Kits
41. Jaylec Heat Shrink Assortment Kits 42. Electric Life Power Window Switch 43. REDARC Dual Input 50amp In-vehicle Battery Charger 44. LED Autolamps LED Tray Conversion or Upgrade
45. LED Autolamps LED Headlight Upgrade Kits 46. Coming soon... 47. STAR LED Warning Beacons 48. AISIN Electric Water and Inverter Pumps
49. Hayman Reese LED Hitch Step 50. Hulk 4x4 Minebars 51. Bosch Brake Drums, Shoes and Wheel Cylinders 52. Rellim New Release Titles
53. 4Terrain Ultimate 275mm Diameter TWIN PLATE Clutch 54. Coming soon... 55. Coming soon... 56. Coming soon...


1. Unilug Premium Connectors 2. Radiator Drain Plugs 3. REDARC Tow-Pro Swtich Inserts 4a. REDARC Tow-Pro Wiring Kits
4b. Aerpro Jump Starter Specs 5. Aerpro MagMate 6a. NICE Wheel Nut Indicators 7. Cliplight The Purifier Fresh Air Ozone Machine
8. Nolathane Falcon FG Arms 9. REDARC In-Vehicle Battery Chargers 10. Nolathane Camry/Kluger Control Arms 11. CPS FX3030
12. Valeo Clutch Kits 13. Ford Falcon Door Lock Actuators 14. Crystal M & Aerpro UHF Value Packs 15. Sakura Filters Australia Oil Air Cabin Filters
16. Gator GTRACK 3G 17. Aerpro LED SMD Range 18. Coming soon... 19. Coming soon...
20. Permatex Gasket Makers & Thread Lockers 21. CRC SmartWasher 22. REDARC BCDC1240D 23. REDARC ROS1224
24. Aerpro Antenna 25. Aerpro Portable USB Charger AP600B 26. Gator Reverse Camera 27. Jaylec Door Lock Clips
28. Gabriel Shock Absorbers 29. THINKWARE Dash Cam 30. Ignite Zeon Combo Lamps 31. Ignite Driving Light Wiring Harness
32. Gator Dash Cams 33. Coming soon... 34. Valeo Clutch Kits 35. AFI Variable Valve Timing Solenoid
36. Sakura Filters Australia Heavy Duty Filters 37. NICE Products Washer Pump Universal Connectors 38. Permatex Fast Orange 39. Sakura Filters Australia Pre Fuel Filter Kits


1. Kitten Mega Pack 2. Rain X Washer Fluid 3. Crystal CB Radio 4. Noco GB40
5. Noco GB70 6. REDARC RS Series Pure Sine Inverter 7. Low Pressure Tyre Gauge 8. Tyre Deflator
9. Tyre Repair Kit 10. Portable Compressor 11. Rotatable Blind Spot Mirrors 12. CPS Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scales
13. CPS Brazing and Soldering Torches 14. CPS Recovery Machine 15. Ariazone HFO-1234yf Fully Automatic Charging Station 16. Robinair Charging Station
17. Heavy Duty Dual Battery Trays 18. Coming Soon... 19. Digital Radio in your Car on your Smartphone 20. Rear View Mirror + Reversing Camera
21. TowPro Classic 22. Coming Soon... 23. Coming Soon... 24. Coming Soon...


1. Jaylec Cable Tie Range 2. Expansion Tanks and Overflow Bottles 3. Jaylec Digital Wireless Reverse Camera Systems 4. Can Gun
5. Jaylec Insulated Crimp Terminal Assortment Kits 6. Jaylec Crimping, Cutting and Stripping Tools 7. Coming Soon... 8. Coming Soon...
9. REDARC Value Packs 10. REDARC Lithium Battery Chargers 11. Crystal M Handheld UHF CB Radio 12. Rellim Timing Belts and Chains Manual
13. Jaylec PVC Coated Steel P Clips 14. Jaylec Globe Holders and Headlight Connectors 15. WAECO Cool Air 16. Rencool
17. RDK-4 18. Expansion Tanks and Overflow Bottles 19. Thinkware Dashcam 20. REDARC DC Power Supplies
21. REDARC 30A Circuit Breaker Kits 22. REDARC Tow-Pro Elite 23. REDARC The Manager 30 24. Jayrad Water Pumps
25. Licence Plate Lamps 26. Ariazone 5001 Fully Automatic Charging Station 27. Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter 28. Pure Sine Wave Inverter
29. Can Shaped Pure Sine Wave Inverter 30. Jaylec Portable Compressor 31. IGNITE 7" Round LED Headlights 32. CPS TR500E Recovery Machine
33. CPS ATR500E Recovery Machine 34. Coming Soon... 35. Coming Soon... 36. Coming Soon...


1. Aerpro DRL, Fascias Phone Accessories 2. Tablet Mount Headphone Car Kit Bundle 3. Matson 10 Amp DC to DC Charger rerelease 4. Denso Caravan Air Conditioning Units 
5. Shark Fin Antenna Removal Tools  6. quest@Surge Protected Jumper Leads  7. In-vehicle Battery Charger  8. Charge Equaliser 
9. Smart Start Series with Overmould Control Unit 10. AC DC Battery Charger 11. Amorphous Foldable Solar Panels 12. One-Touch USB Light
13. CoolDrive LED Emergency Lighting  14. Ignite Clear Protective Covers  15. Projecta Voltage Reducers 16. Projecta 12V 120W Power-Can Inverter
17. Projecta 12V 30A Solar Charge Controller 18. Ignite Single Row Lightbars  19. Ignite LED Worklamps 20. Cannon Series of LED Driving Lights
21. Jaylec Merchandiser/Display Stand 22. Intercooler, CAC 23. REDARC Tow-Pro Brake Controller 12/24V 24. Wireless Camera System 
25. Extreme Offroad Jockey Wheel  26. Jaylec Inline Piggyback Fuse Holders 27. Offroad Conpact Wheel Clamp 28. Jaylec LED Combination Lamps
29. Jaylec Pro5200 Jumpstart Lithium Ion  30. Night Breaker Unlimited  31. Lev-R-Safe Mine Safe Radiator Caps  32. Jaylec CONXUS Power Connection Range 
33. NOCO XGRID Solar Panel Power Storage Range. 34. Combination Switches   35. The Manager30 - Battery Management System 36. REDARC Digital Gauges  
37. Jaylec Digital Multimeters   38. Bogaard X Series Idle Timers  39. Noco Genius Boost Jump Starter 40. ARKPAK Portable Power