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Jayrad Engine Cooling Product Warranty

CoolDrive Auto Parts Radiator Product Warranty Policy

2 Years - Jayrad Range

2 Years – Value Range

2 Years – High Performance Radiators

1 Year – 4WD/Off-Road, Commercial, Courier and Taxi Vehicles

Radiator assemblies and associated parts manufactured or supplied by CoolDrive are warranted to be free from any defects in material and workmanship and shall be suitable for installation in the specified vehicle application for a period of 24 months (two years) for our Value range of radiators  from the date of purchase, OR 50,000km (whichever occurs first).  In the case of our JayRad range of radiator assemblies, we have a four year warranty on the radiator assembly from the date of purchase, or 100,000km which ever come first. The warranty period for  4WD/off-road, commercial, courier, and taxi vehicles will be one year (12 months) from the date of the purchase, OR 25,000km (whichever occurs first).

4 year extended JayRad Warranty

To receive the extended 4 year warranty on the JayRad range of radiators, the vehicles cooling system must be serviced (cooling system flush and replacement of coolant compliant to vehicle manufacturers specification) every 12 months (or 25,000kms – whichever occurs first) by a qualified radiator specialst. Proof of service (date of service and service specialist who conducted the service) must be recorded on the extended warranty claim form. Claims submitted without this information correctly recorded on the extended warranty claim form will be summarily rejected. This warranty is conditional and limited, and is in addition to any rights conferred on the repair centre and/or its agent and includes any remedies or obligations imposed on CoolDrive Distribution by the Trade Practices Act of 1974 (CTH) and any corresponding State or Territory legislation rendering void the exclusion, restriction or modification of terms implied in respect of the supply of goods and services.


Please note: The radiator installer must be aware of CoolDrive Distribution’s warranty and installation procedure on pages 9 and 11 of the engine cooling catalogue (online version available HERE)(also see installation instructions inside the envelope inside the box) before any work or installation is carried out.  The  Jayrad extended warranty sheet must be   completed by a specialist  installer. The vehicle owner must keep the warranty sheet to record service intervals for submission  to CoolDrive in the event of a  warranty claim, otherwise, liability in the case of a warranty repair or replacement rests upon the installer.  In the case of a vehicle owner who installs a complete radiator assembly or component part into his/her own vehicle, he/she must also be aware of, and carry out correctly, the installation procedures and  complete the installation details on the CoolDrive Warranty sheet.

  1. The warranty will only apply if a CoolDrive Distribution assembly of suitable type and specification is correctly installed in the vehicle.
  2. The warranty will only apply when, prior to installation, the cooling system of the vehicle has been thoroughly checked and prepared in the following manner:
    a. Before the removal of the old radiator the cooling system must be tested for any evidence of stray electrical current.  The source of any current in the cooling system must be identified, then repaired or neutralised. A reading of more than 0.03 volts or a positive (red light) indicates a damaging current is likely to be present in the cooling system.
    b. The coolant in the system must be drained, replaced with water and treated with a recommended cooling system flush, removing sludge, coolant residues, and mineral metal /metal deposits.
  3. The warranty will only apply when the new radiator assembly has been properly installed in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements and having adhered to CoolDrive Distribution’s installation procedure.
  4. The warranty will only apply when the selected coolant and service schedule meets or exceeds the standard requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. Alternatively, a suitable aftermarket coolant may be installed using the correct coolant type, composition and dosage rate, as specified for the vehicle, which meets or exceeds the AS/NZS 2108.1-1997 standard.

Warranty Exclusions

The following conditions are not covered by warranty where:

  1. The radiator assembly is not fitted in accordance with CoolDrive Distribution’s preparation and installation procedures, including the correct use of suitable coolants by any company or person.
  2. The product chosen for installation is not suitable or specified for use in the vehicle, or has been repaired, replaced, modified or altered without the consent of CoolDrive Distribution.
  3. There is evidence of Internal or external corrosion.
  4. Consequential damage arising from the negligence of any party has occurred.
  5. A claim is received without a completed and signed claim form within 28 days of failure.  Freight arrangements and costs are at the discretion of CoolDrive Distribution; any unauthorised freight costs will not be accepted.
  6. Items or conditions designated as exclusive in the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

Exclusions and Limitation of Liability

Where such limitation or liability is not prohibited or void under any legislation or other statutory provisions, the liability of CoolDrive Distribution to the service centre installer for any loss or damage (including any consequential or economic loss) arising directly or indirectly in connection with the specified products, the supply of the specified products, or the supply of any services (including but not limited to training in relation to the repair or servicing of specified CoolDrive Distribution products) shall be limited to any of one or more of the following as determined by CoolDrive Distribution in its absolute discretion.

  1. In the case of any specified products:
    a. The replacement of the specified products or the supply of goods equivalent to the specified products.
    b. The repair of such specified products
    c. The payment of the cost replacing the specified products or of acquiring equivalent goods to the specified products.
    d. The payment of the cost of having the specified products repaired.
  2. In the case of any services:
    a. The supply of the services repeated.
    b. The payment of the cost of having the services repeated.

 Note: Warranty claims will not be accepted where the amount of the claim exceeds the cost of the replacement assembly or component.

Warranty Claim Procedure

CoolDrive’s claim procedure is designed to rectify warranty faults with minimum inconvenience and at no cost to our customers.  It is offered in good faith and requires CoolDrive Distribution to supply replacement products as quickly as possible on the basis of subsequent proven liability.  In the event that subsequent inspection shows CoolDrive Distribution not to be at fault and the claim for warranty is declined, the customer will become liable for the cost of the replacement part(s) and freight will be debited from the customer’s account.  Conditions under which warranty will be given (and express exclusions) are detailed in our Warranty Policy.

All purchases of goods are made conditional upon acceptance of CoolDrive Distribution’s stated Terms and Conditions of Sale and Warranty Policy.

Note: In the event of a warranty claim, CoolDrive Distribution or its representative must be advised and approval obtained before any repair work is performed or replacement made.

To facilitate prompt authorisation, the following details are required and can be found on the CoolDrive Distribution website (www.cooldrive.com.au

  1. Dealer/Repairer Name
  2. Contact Name
  3. Phone Number
  4. CoolDrive part number
  5. Invoice Number
  6. Part Description
  7. Date Installed
  8. Date Failed
  9. Vehicle Make
  10. Model
  11. Year of Manufacture
  12. Kms
  13. Reason for the Claim (Please be explicit- this will speed up the processing of your claim. “NOT WORKING” is insufficient information)

Warranty Claim Forms are found on the CoolDrive Distribution website and on the back of our scribble pads supplied to customers. The completed form and warranty product (if applicable) must be returned to CoolDrive Distribution within 28 days of failure by the freight carrier nominated by CoolDrive.

For Replacement Parts

In the event that a claim is made for a replacement part, the replacement will be dispatched as quickly as possible.  Upon receipt of the claimed defective product via CoolDrive Distribution’s nominated freight carrier, the product will be inspected to ensure warranty compliance.  In the event that the claim is declined because it is not covered by our warranty policy, the cost of the replacement part plus freight costs, if any, will be debited to the customer’s account, and the faulty product will be returned to the customer’s local CoolDrive distribution branch or branch they do business with.

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