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Jaylec Auto Electrical Product Warranty

CoolDrive Auto Parts warranty for Starter Motors, Generators, Alternators, Winch and Pump Motors and their Component Parts

Starter Motors, Generators, Alternators, Winch and Pump Motors and their associated parts manufactured or supplied by CoolDrive Auto Parts are warranted to be free from any defects in material and workmanship and suitable for installation in the specified application for a period of:

Beginning from April 2020 -

3 Years - Jaylec branded Starter Motors, Generators and Alternator units.

Passenger vehicle applications only.

With a maximum of 120,000 kilometres.

2 Years - OEM branded Starter, Generator and Alternator units.

Passenger vehicle applications only.

With a maximum of 50,000 kilometres.

2 Years – All 4WD, Light Commercial Vehicle, Starter Motor and Alternator units and their component parts.

With a maximum of 25,000 kilometres.

1 Year –  Jaylec branded Agricultural, Mining and Marine Starter Motor, Generator, Alternator, Winch Motor, Pump Motor units and their component parts.

1 Year or 2000 hours whichever comes first.

With a maximum of 20,000 kilometres.

OEM branded units as per their published warranty.

Warranty Exclusion

The following conditions are not covered by warranty where:

  1. The product is used in an application not specified by CoolDrive Auto Parts, or has been repaired, replaced, modified or altered without the consent of CoolDrive Auto Parts.
  2. Has been incorrectly installed, adjusted or maintained.
  3. Failure caused by prolonged cranking. (Starter, Winch Pump Motors)
  4. Failure caused by re-engagement and / or overrun.
  5. Failure caused by low / high voltage supply.
  6. Failure due to normal wear and tear of the product.
  7. There is evidence of physical, water & ingress damage.
  8. Consequential damage arising from the negligence of any party has occurred.
  9. A claim is received without a completed and signed claim form within 28 days of failure. Freight arrangements and costs are at the discretion of CoolDrive Auto Parts; any unauthorised freight costs will not be accepted.
  10. Items or conditions designated as exclusive in the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

Exclusions and Limitation of Liability

Where such limitation or liability is not prohibited or void under any legislation or other statutory provisions, the liability of CoolDrive Auto Parts to the service centre installer for any loss or damage ( including any consequential or economic loss ) arising directly or indirectly in connection with the specified products, the supply of the specified products, or the supply of any services ( including but not limited to training in relation to the repair or servicing of specified CoolDrive Auto Parts products ) shall be limited to any of one of the following as determined by CoolDrive Auto Parts in its absolute discretion.

  1. In the case of any specified products:
  2. The replacement of the specified products or the supply of goods equivalent to the specified products, or
  3. The repair of such specified products, or
  4. The payment of the cost of the specified products or of acquiring equivalent goods to the specified products, or
  5. The payment of the cost of having the specified products repaired.
  6. In the case of any services:
  7. The supply of the services which need to be repeated, or
  8. The payment of the cost of having the services repeated.

 Note: Warranty claims will not be accepted where the amount of the claim exceeds the cost of the replacement assembly or component.

Warranty Claim Procedure. Units and Parts – Within Australia

CoolDrive’s claim procedure is designed to rectify warranty faults with minimum inconvenience. It is offered in good faith and requires CoolDrive Auto Parts to supply replacement products as quickly as possible on the basis of subsequent confirmed defect.

In the event that subsequent inspection shows CoolDrive Auto Parts not to be at fault and the claim for warranty is declined, the customer will become liable for the cost of the replacement unit or part(s) and freight will be debited to the customer’s account.

All purchases of goods are made conditional upon acceptance of CoolDrive Auto Parts’ stated Terms and Conditions of Sale and Warranty Policy.

The Purchaser must, at his / her own expense, forward any allegedly faulty or defective Product to the Company.

Note: In the event of a warranty claim, CoolDrive Auto Parts or its representative must be advised and approval obtained before any repair work is performed or replacement made.

To facilitate prompt authorisation, the following details are required. Details may be found on the CoolDrive Auto Parts website (www.cooldrive.com.au & www.cooldrive.co.nz) or by contacting your local branch.

  1. Dealer/Repairer Name.
  2. Contact Name.
  3. Phone Number.
  4. CoolDrive part number.
  5. Invoice Number.
  6. Part Description.
  7. Date Installed.
  8. Date Failed.
  9. Vehicle Make.
  10. Model.
  11. Year of Manufacture.
  12. Kilometres.
  13. Reason for the Claim (Please be explicit- this will speed up the processing of your claim. “NOT WORKING” is insufficient information). Please contact your nearest CoolDrive Auto Parts store for warranty claim form.

Warranty Claim Procedure – Overseas Purchaser

All terms and conditions mentioned above apply except for:

  1. The company does not require the Purchaser to return any allegedly faulty or defective product for evaluation. However, the Company has the right to request the return for evaluation at purchasers cost.
  2. The claim may be submitted by electronic mail.
  3. The claim should include clear photos of the goods being claimed.
  4. The purchaser must retain the product for a period of sixty days after making the claim.

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