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CoolDrive Auto Parts Air Conditioning Product Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions specified below, Automotive Imports Pty Ltd trading as, CoolDrive Auto Parts ("Company") agrees to, at its option, repair, replace or provide credit to the original purchaser ("Purchaser") of the product this warranty is attached to ("Product") for the period of time or kilometres (whichever occurs first) from the date of purchase, as set out in the 'Product Warranty Table' below against defects in materials or workmanship resulting in the Product not performing in accordance with its specifications ("Warranty").  The Company will determine whether or not the Product is performing in accordance with its specifications.


1.1. The Warranty applies from the date of purchase of the Product by the Purchaser.

1.2. The Warranty only operates if:

1.2.1. Proof of purchase of the Product is provided, to the satisfaction of the Company.

1.2.2. The installation details have been correctly completed as directed on the Company Warranty Claim Form ("Claim Form") applicable to a system installation only.

1.2.3. The Claim Form is provided when any claim against the Product is made - system installation only.

1.2.4. The Product has not been removed, altered or in any manner tampered with from the vehicle in which the Product was originally installed.

1.2.5. This Warranty cannot be amended, altered or extended in any manner whatsoever without the prior written consent and approval of the Board of the Company.

1.2.6. The Purchaser must, at his/her own expense, forward any allegedly faulty or defective Product to the Company.

1.2.7. In the event that the Company decides to repair or replace a Product, the Company agrees to pay the costs associated with the ordinary delivery of the replacement or repaired Product to the Purchaser.  Should the Purchaser require any other form of delivery of the replacement or repaired Product, the Purchaser must pay any difference between the cost of the Company's method of ordinary delivery and the Purchaser's required method of delivery.

1.2.8. An Accredited Dealer must perform installation of all replacement Product.

1.2.9. Should the Product or part of the Product be replaced or repaired during the period of this Warranty, the Warranty period for the replaced or repaired product shall be for the period remaining from when the original Product was purchased by the Purchaser.

1.2.10. The Company acknowledges that under applicable State, Territory and Commonwealth Law including but not limited to the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), certain conditions and warranties may be implied in this warranty and any such rights or remedies conferred upon the Purchaser in relation to the products cannot be altered by this warranty or any agreement ("Non-Excludable Rights").  Any rights conferred upon the purchaser by this warranty are in addition to and do not detract from these Non-Excludable Rights.

1.2.11. This Warranty is void if any refrigerant other than R134a for automotive application or R404a for refrigeration units is used to operate the Product.


2.1. All terms and conditions in paragraph 1.0 apply.

2.2. The Warranty applies from the date of purchase of the Product by the Purchaser.

2.3. The Warranty only applies when:

2.3.1. The Purchaser supplies a detailed account of the claim by electronic mail.

2.3.2. The Purchaser supplies photos, where practicable, to the company to support the claim.

2.3.3. The Purchaser retains the Product for a period of sixty days after making a claim.

2.3.4. The Company does not require the Purchaser to return any allegedly faulty or defective Product for evaluation.  However, the Company has the right to request the return for evaluation at purchasers cost.


3.1. The Company extends to the Purchaser the 1st Extended Warranty Period and the 2nd Extended Warranty Period as set out in the table below subject to the following further terms and conditions:

3.1.1. An Authorised Dealer has performed a full service of the Air Conditioning Unit, including replacement of the receiver drier using suitable product, prior to the end of the Warranty Period (as set out in the table following) and again prior to the end of the 1st Extended Warranty Period.

3.1.2.  At the completion of each service, a warranty extension card is completed by the Accredited Dealer on behalf of the Purchaser and posted to the Company at 22-28 Lexton Road, Box Hill in the State of Victoria confirming that the service has been carried out and approving the extension of the Warranty.

3.1.3. An Accredited Dealer carries out all servicing of the Air Conditioning Unit.


The Company shall be not liable for:

4.1. Damage caused by faulty installation where such installation has been performed by a non-accredited Dealer.

4.2. Loss or damage is caused by the use of a part which is not a Company supplied part.

4.3. Refrigerant hoses damaged by an exhaust system or by battery acid.

4.4. Charges incurred for the adjustment of the compressor drive belt and/or thermostat.

4.5. Consequential loss including time, towage, storage, accommodation, goods, cargo or other similar expenses.

4.6. Reimbursement for labour or refrigerant loss involved in the replacement of these parts.

4.7. Failures or defects of the Product resulting from misuse (whether intentional or otherwise), negligence, modifications, accident and lack of maintenance being carried out in accordance with the maintenance requirements of the Product, or, by Force Majeur.

4.8. Failure or loss resulting from the use of the Product once the Purchaser has direct or indirect knowledge or has cause to suspect that the Product is not performing in accordance with its specifications.

4.9. Maintenance of belts, o-rings, refrigerant leaks at connections or fittings due to improper or inappropriate tension or torque settings.

4.10. Compressor failure due to incorrect oil level, oil type, over or under-gassing, incorrect or contaminated refrigerant or use of any other refrigerant other than R134a or R404a as is applicable.

4.11. Any product dismantled in any manner prior to being returned to the Company.

4.12. Normal wear and tear of the Product.


Air Conditioning Parts 12 months/25,000 Km - -
Air Conditioning Systems 12 months/25,000 Km 24 months/50,000 Km 36 months/75,000 Km
Air Conditioning components that are used for off road, farming, earth moving equipment and marine applications 6 months or 1000 operating hours, which ever occurs first. - -
Reconditioned Compressors 6 months/12,500 Km - -

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