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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoolDrive iShop?

CoolDrive iShop is a fully featured Internet-based ordering system. Some of the features of CoolDrive iShop include real-time pricing, stock availability and order tracking, as well as a full search function by part number or specification or by vehicle type.

Is CoolDrive iShop real-time?

Yes. CoolDrive iShop displays your current pricing in real time, taking into account volume discounts that may be applicable. The web site also shows stock availability in your local warehouse, and other warehouses across Australia should your local warehouse be out of stock. Any pricing updates are handled within our back-end ERP system and is reflected in real time within CoolDrive iShop. Therefore when a change is made within our back-end ERP it is automatically changed within CoolDrive iShop.

How do I register for CoolDrive iShop?

Access to CoolDrive iShop is available to all account holders at CoolDrive Distribution, however we require that you complete an application form and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use. The iShop application form can be foundHERE. It may take up to seven working days for your application to be processed.

How will I know my iShop account is open?

When your application has been processed you will receive your login details via email upon registration.

Is there a cost involved to set up CoolDrive iShop?

No, there are no purchase or installation costs required for CoolDrive iShop. All you need is a personal computer with access to the Internet and a Java-enabled browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.5 (or higher).

How do I get a CoolDrive account?

Simply contact your local Cooldrive Branch

What are the benefits of using iShop?

  • When requiring price and availability for parts you see real time stock holding and pricing
  • You have access to your account, with details by both purchase total and by individual invoice. Great if you are on leave or reconciling your account.
  • Regular iShop only promotions.

Is CoolDrive iShop secure?

Yes. In addition to an individual login name, password and account number, CoolDrive iShop uses the highest level of commercially available security and our Digital Certificate is registered with Verisign. We have two separate firewalls: one for our back-end ERP system and one for our Internet ordering system CoolDrive iShop. The back end's firewall setup prevents any incoming traffic except for FTP which is isolated from the EPR. Our web site includes a sophisticated firewall set up to ensure its protection and integrity. We take security issues very seriously and we recommend that new CoolDrive iShop users change their password first time they log in. This ensures your complete security. In addition, CoolDrive iShop provides full history of your orders, online tracking and customised management reports that make any potential fraud easily identifiable. Also, CoolDrive iShop users cannot override delivery address without special authority to do so.

Can I check pricing without placing an order?

Yes. You can see your prices in Catalogue Search and Browse. Also you can use the “Check price & Availability” button on the Blank Form screen.

Where can I find my password if I forget it?

On the log on screen next to your password there is a link “forgotten your password”, click on this link and type in your user name and account number and then click on request password. An email will then be sent to you advising you of your password.

How can I change my password?

Once you have logged onto CoolDrive iShop you can change your password under My Account - My Password. Enter in your old password and new password twice and then click on update my details.

How can I change my delivery address?

If you have requested permission to change your delivery address when completing the CoolDrive iShop Application Form then when you place the order by clicking on Checkout, under delivery details you will have the ability to change the address for that particular order.

Can I add additional users?

Yes you can, however each user must fax througth the completed application form. NOTE: Each user must have a unique email address.

I need to use my own series of order numbers.

You can use your own order number by typing over the reference number CoolDrive iShop allocates and then click on ‘Update Reference’ and your own reference number will be retained.

Can anyone else use my log in?

Your log in is as secure as you allow it to be. If you don’t want any one else using your log in then don’t give your details to anyone else. Some companies have one log in to do all their orders while other companies like each user to have their own log in.

How can I print an order?

You can print an order before placing your order in shopping cart. If you have already placed your order you can print by going into Order Tracking and open the order by clicking on view and then click on print order button.

How do I know if my order has been despatched?

You may request conformation of order via e-mail.

Can I continue adding to my order over a period of time?

Yes, you can start your order and add to the order over a period of time; clicking on Suspend Order to save your order can do this. To add to the order you need to go into Order Tracking and click on the reference number to view the order then click on reactivate order, this will allow you to add to your order. You can place your order or click on suspend order again if you wish to add more later. We do recommend that you only have an order on hold for 7 days, as our system will automatically delete any orders not placed.

For more information please contact your local CoolDrive branch, or visit the HELP DESK.

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