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  Sydney 2018 Pre-Season Recap

  18 Feb, 2018  

Sydney 2018 Pre-Season Test Recap from Tim Blanchard in the CoolDrive ZB Commodore.
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  2018 Team CoolDrive ZB Commodore

  15 Feb, 2018  

Tim Blanchard revealing his 2018 Team CoolDrive ZB Commodore.
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  CoolDrive Sandown Ride Day 2017

  11 Jul, 2017  

CoolDrive's Sandown Ride Day 2017 A very popular day with Team CoolDrive down at Sandown Raceway, where people get to experience the thrill of a V8 Hotlap with Tim Blanchard.
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  CoolDrive V8 Supercar 2017

  13 Mar, 2017  

Promotional Video of the Team CoolDrive 2017 V8 Supercar.
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