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CoolDrive Covers the Field in Automotive Lighting

9 Mar, 2020

LEDs have revolutionised automotive lighting over the past decade. Delivering a potent mix of much more efficient and effective lighting, and the ability to use lighting as a design feature, CoolDrive Auto Parts is at the forefront, carrying a vast range catering for four-wheel-drive enthusiasts.

Featuring leading brands such as Ignite, Lightforce and house-brand HULK 4x4, CoolDrive’s lighting line-up features everything from driving lights to utility lights, single and dual row lightbars, search lights, hunting lights, trailer lights, lights for the campsite, roadside lights, inspection lamps, torches and much more.

At the forefront of this LED lighting revolution is Ignite, an automotive lighting specialist originally established in 2004 as a manufacturer of halogen products, and now a leader of LED lighting and accessories in Australasia.

Robust and lightweight, the Ignite LED range offers products ideal for the professional workshop environment or the home garage, and equally adept to recreational use such as camping or general handyman duties.

Outside of a wide range of driving lights, Ignite’s offerings also include a range of LED work lamps, consisting of hand-held work lights, floodlights, camping lights and pocket torches, as well as lightbars and trailer lights, including caravan lighting, plus fitting and mounting accessories, with a range totalling over 200 part numbers.

A couple of the highly useful products in the Ignite range is the rechargeable inspection light, which features three changeable light heads in an incredibly versatile design, while its rechargeable LED headlight includes a helpful on/off motion sensor.

HULK 4x4, is focussed more towards the recreational 4x4 end of the market, which is part of a broader range of more than 150 parts and accessories now being offered to the public.

Ever-increasing interest in the camping and outdoor lifestyle has led HULK 4x4 to introduce a range of outdoor lights including lanterns and strip lighting for campsites, extension cable kits and emergency beacons.

Featured in the HULK 4x4 catalogue is the ultra-slimline dual-row driving lamp lightbar, as well as the square worklamp, suitable for many applications.

For more information on the full range of available parts, please visit iShop.

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