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Ignite Lighting Range Expands at CoolDrive

5 Aug, 2019

Ignite Lighting has launched an extensive new range of LED Inspection Lamps and Worklamps which are now available from CoolDrive Auto Parts.

Robust and lightweight, the new Ignite LED range is ideal for the professional workshop environment or the home garage, and equally adept to recreational use such as camping or general handyman duty.

“Ignite’s new range of LED lights is designed for maximum durability and usability in tough environments,” David Heydrich, Category Manager - Electrical Accessories, CoolDrive Auto Parts said.

“They’re shockproof, water-resistant and dustproof, they’re easy to set up and use, and the lighting performance is excellent. We’re very pleased to add them to the CoolDrive range.”

Ignite’s new range consists of 12 different products, from handheld work lights through to workshop floodlights, roadside inspection lamps, camping lights and pocket torches.

The features of the new range include lithium battery power, super-bright, highly efficient LED technology, adjustable brightness controls and fast charging in either 240 Volt AC or 12 Volt DC options.

Additional accessories are also available for some products, consisting of an under-bonnet mounting bracket and an adjustable tripod stand.

Established in 2004 as a manufacturer of halogen products, Ignite has become a leader of LED lighting in Australasia.

Ignite uses only the best manufacturers to produce a product range that is different, exceeds customer’s needs and is of premium quality.

In addition to this new LED range available at CoolDrive, Ignite’s product offerings include driving lights, lightbars and trailer lights, including caravan lighting, plus fitting and mounting accessories.

Whatever the application, Ignite LED Inspection Lamps and Worklamps provide the right lighting solution for work or recreation.

Further information on the entire Ignite Inspection Lamps & Worklamps Lighting range is available on iShop or through CoolDrive Auto Parts branches nationwide.

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